Misioneros Del Camino

One of the goals of Beautiful ABC is to financially support the development of reconstructive surgery and more specifically reconstructive breast surgery in developing countries.

Three beautiful A.B.C. volunteers went on the first medical mission to Guatemala in may 2010, joining the Emmaus Medical Mission. Prof. Blondeel performed a chest wall reconstruction in a case of advanced chest wall cancer and a delayed autologous breast reconstruction in another woman. Impressions of this surgery at the national cancer clinic in Guatemala City in sometimes difficult circumstances can be seen in the video.

The Emmaus Medical Mission involves multidisciplinary team of specialists who treat a broad range of health care needs with the capacity to deliver effective field-based health care.

The contribution of beautiful A.B.C. volunteers allowed to perform reconstructive operations, organized the acquisitions and transport of medical, surgical and anesthaesiology equipment and brought financial support to local humanitarian projects lead by Mrs.Leonor Portela at Sumpango.

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