What technique when?

updated 6-20

Of the three tools we have at our disposal (breast implants, tissue transplants and lipofilling), the best technique can be chosen that is most suitable for each individual case. Sometimes a combination of different techniques may even be required to achieve the best result.

The proposal that you will receive is always very personalized, depending on your medical and surgical history. For example, someone who has already been irradiated will not be offered the same solution as someone who has already been irradiated.

Since the approach is always highly individualized and always takes place in consultation with the Multidisciplinary Oncological Team, individual proposals are difficult to compare between patients.

You will also be presented with a complete plan, with particular attention to the different surgical steps (if applicable), the technique used, the possible complications and the advantages and disadvantages.

In general, we make a distinction between:

  • patients after breast-conserving surgery,
  • patients after a complete mastectomy