Report fund-raising concert 'Hands of Hope'

Sunday 27 November 2016

It was moving, it was overwhelming, it banged, it was built up perfectly. What a performing artists as well. It is hard to describe the emotions by one adjective only. ‘Where words fail, music speaks’ they say. And it was like that, from the start till the end. The music that spoke of sadness, anxiety, trust, love, hope and joy. And the choreography and the movie that translated such so powerfully.
We can keep on writing. About Bram Nolf, who played the oboe solo performing Gabriel’s Theme from The Mission (Ennio Moricone) and who moved the entire audience doing that.
About Maya Levy, 19 years old and laureate of several national and international contests. She performed a wonderful violin solo of Laura’s Theme from The Lovers and the Echoes of Silent Voices, composed by Dirk Brossé.
About Hanne who touched the audience with her new choreography and especially also with her fantastic short film ‘Keep Moving’. This short film was produced by Hanne and Spin Echo, the visual and performing arts collective that she is part of, with music that was composed by Dirk Brossé for this short film specifically. It tells the story of the inner battle of a girl that is confronted with breast cancer, and her family, of intense sadness and anxiety to hope and strength, and the supporting power of hands throughout that battle.
About the ladies and Alizée, that little cute girl, who moved the audience with their dancing. About Ibernice MacBean who performed the Songs of Hope so convincingly, including a beautiful tribute ‘Hallelujah’ to the recently deceased composer Leonard Cohen. About Dirk Brossé who directed all of this to perfection.
But we are speechless for a little moment. Incredibly thankful as well for all these talents and their commitment to BABC. And very excited and motivated to be able to work and continue working with so many lovely people. From sponsors, volunteers to artists. They all have contributed to this fantastic result, dedicated to all patients and ex-patients confronted with breast cancer, and their ‘Hands of Hope’, their close environment, doctors, healthcare providers, family and friends.
We want more of this, there will be more of this! In the meantime, we continue to be very much committed, with even more enthusiasm, for those in need, and especially also for you!
We will rock you!! As in the smashing finale of the concert ;-)
And the beautiful artwork of Karl Meersman that was auctioned to the benefit of BABC. Captured in the movie clip ‘Hands of Hope’ as featured at the concert, with music composed by Dirk Brossé. Hands of Hope, or the supporting power of hands, of doctors, healthcare providers, family and friends. Hands of the surgeon, the artist, the pianist. Dedicated to patients confronted with breast cancer and ‘their’ hands of hope. 

Some pictures that capture the beautiful moments of our concert Hands of Hope @Studio 4 Flagey on Sunday November 27, 2016.

Moments to remember! Enjoy with us.

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You can watch the entire concert here: