Would you like to learn more about whether you are eligible for genetic screening?

Friday 10 May 2019

The grumpiness in the morning, the little dimples in their cheeks, the colour of their eyes, being awfully bad losers at play....we all look at our kids and see the resemblance in physical appearance and emotional characteristics, whether good or bad...it is all in the genes ... 

And so is the potential to inherit certain genetic mutations that can cause certain diseases, like breast cancer, unfortunately. If your mom once had breast cancer, it may cross your mind every now and then. If you have breast cancer yourself, you may be concerned about your kids. But genetic screening allows to identify these mutations before the disease actually hits.

If you would like to learn more about whether or not you are eligible for genetic screening, what the different genetic mutations for breast cancer are and the different risks involved, and what you can do about it, Prof. Dr. Bruce Poppe of the University Hospital Ghent will be happy to tell you more at It’s a Beautiful Day. Soon on May 10th. (Program in Dutch)

More information and registration via http://www.beautifulabc.com/…/…/05/it-s-a-beautiful-day-2019.