Marathon des Sables

Saturday 30 October 2021


One of the toughest races in the world. 7 days, 250km, in the burning dessert of Morocco.


The Marathon des Sables. From October 1 till October 11.


For most of us, even the ones that regularly run and have a medal showing successful completion of a standard  marathon, this race is one we can hardly imagine achievable for any human being. And yet, two friends are taking this enormous challenge: Jonathan and Ruben.

And they will be running it for a very good cause, in support of our organization Beautiful After Breast Cancer. No words to express how grateful we are.

The video trailer at the bottom of this page will tell you who they are, why they are doing this and how YOU can help them through this. Please watch it! Because if they are taking this challenge, we should not let them do this alone


How can you help?

We are immensely proud to have partnered with Tietje who is our main sponsor for this fundraising campaign and other lovely initiatives in collaboration with BABC.

Together with Tietje we call upon your support:

  •  Sponsor 1EUR for each km that you believe they will be actually running (the race is 250km in total!)


  •  Sponsor 50EUR per stage of the race (there are 6 stages in total)

You can do this by registering below. After submitting your contact details, and your chosen sponsor amount (please do not forget to include this in the open text field 'Extra Information'), we would ask you to transfer the corresponding amount to the account of BABC (KBC Bank IBAN BE50 7350 3764 8718 BIC KREDBEBB) – details for wiring the amount will also be provided to you immediately upon submission.

Each donation of 40 EUR or more is tax deductable in Belgium.  


And there is more!

As of an amount of 50 EUR, you will receive a surprise box, sent to you at your home address. Without telling you much more, you will get a flavour of Tietje and their unique story. And if you sponsor the total number of kms of the race or all six stages, Tietje will spoil you even more!

That is why it is important to also submit your address details for delivery in the registration form. 


Tietje is the proud sponsor of Beautiful After Breast Cancer. Enjoy but drink responsibly and in moderation. Excessive drinking can be harmful to your health.