Individual Sponsors

Individual sponsors fully associate with the philosophy of the Beautiful A.B.C. Foundation and express their desire to provide substantial financial and practical support.

You have the possibility to stay anonymous or we can mention a name. A link to your own personal website will appear on our sponsorship page. We will keep you informed of all upcoming events and provide you with tickets, including tickets to major fund raising events. Individual sponsorship can be yearly or over a period of several year.

For any further information on corporate sponsorship, please contact:

A list of individual sponsors can be found here.


There are several ways on how your financial contributions can be used.

Every sponsor can choose to invest into any of these projects

Create a named scholarship in the area of reconstructive breast surgery

Reconstructive breast surgery, if performed with body own tissue, is a highly complex operation. At the same time there are not many surgeons worldwide who are trained to perform it. By creating a named scholarship you can help to increase the pool of these surgeons. If you are interested in exploring this opportunity, please contact us.

Sponsor a specific research project in the field of breast reconstruction

Research is crucial in improving the highly complex surgery of transplanting body own tissue. Research projects can be sponsored throughout the world. If you are interested in exploring this opportunity, please contact us.

Sponsor a reconstructive surgeon from a developing country to train in Europe

The transfer of knowledge and training to developing countries is part of the mission of the beautiful A.B.C. Foundation. Sponsor a reconstructive surgeon from a developing country so that they can train in Europe, in order to take the expertise back to their homeland.

Sponsor the translation of the website into a specific foreign language

Breast cancer affects women worldwide. At the moment, our website is available in two languages. It is our goal to increase this number dramatically, so that we can reach women in their first language. Translating the site into a new language is costly. Become a translation sponsor and have your name/logo embedded on the home page of the translation as well as be recognized in a formal press release.

Sponsor the forum

Creating a forum for women to directly communicate to other women, to share their experiences and give advice is at the heart of the beautiful A.B.C website. Running this section of the beautiful A.B.C. website is a 24/7 affair – manpower is needed, and so are financials. If you’d like to help creating the framework for this community, please contact us.