The Stephen S. Kroll fellowship

 updated 6-2020

On November 19, 2000, Stephen passed away in the bloom of his career. Stephen was a great person, a superb surgeon and an exceptional teacher. Stephen Kroll should be remembered for all his contributions to the field of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and specifically his pioneering work in autologous breast reconstruction and perforator flaps.

The “Stephen S. Kroll Scholarship” consists of a grant of € 5000 offered by BEAUTIFUL ABC FOUNDATION and co-sponsored by Motiva to an international young plastic surgeon (younger than 40) or a last year resident in training in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery to improve his/her knowledge and clinical expertise in the field of microsurgical breast reconstruction and perforator flaps.


The scholarship will be granted yearly (if a proper candidate can be selected) and will start every 1st of October for a period of 3 months at the department of Plastic Surgery of the University Hospital of Gent, Belgium. The grant can only be used for housing, boarding and educational purposes.





Previous Stephen S. Kroll scholars:

  • Dr. Suhan Ayhan, Turkey 2002
  • Mr. Colin Morrison, Ireland 2003
  • Ms. Rozina Ali, U.K. 2004
  • Dr. Ned Snyder, U.S.A. 2005
  • Dr. John Hijawi, U.S.A. 2006
  • Dr. Jonathan Cheng, U.S.A. 2007
  • Dr. Patricio Andrades, Chile 2008
  • Dr. Raphael Sinna, France 2009
  • Dr. Mel Patrick Tohill, U.K. (canceled by selected fellow) 2010
  • Dr. Yoko Katsuragi, Japan 2011
  • Dr. Jonathan Keith, U.S.A. 2012
  • Dr. Daniel Wolff, Uruguay 2013
  • Dr. Pornthep Sirimahachaiyakul, Thailand 2014
  • Dr. Yingying Zhang, China 2015
  • Dr. Katherine Gast, U.S.A. 2016
  • Dr. John Wilson, Panama, 2017
  • Dr. Marc Aganloo, The Netherlands, 2018
  • Dr. Mangal Gharti Magar, Nepal 2019
  • Dr. Camila Polary, Brazil 2020

Applications for the Stephen S. Kroll fellowship

Applications should be done by sending a motivation letter, a one page essay on Stephen Kroll’s personality (not his scientific work and contributions), your CV with picture and one or two letters of reference to before December 1st of each year.


Many thanks to MOTIVA who is sponsoring the Stephen S. Kroll fellowship!