Mission statement, uniqueness and goals of Beautiful ABC

Our mission statement

The Beautiful ABC Foundation is a global, multi-disciplinary, organization devoted to the reconstruction of a patient’s life following a diagnosis of breast cancer.

We act as a medium through which patients can discover a comprehensive approach to breast cancer and find inspiration that a life of joy, beauty and well-being is possible after treatment.

In addition to providing objective, reliable information to both patients and physicians, we will work toward enhancing the sense of well-being by offering advanced teaching opportunities, lobbying medical, insurance and governmental bodies, investing in scientific research and providing financial aid to deserving individuals.

Our uniqueness

In contrast to other cancer organizations, we start with the patient’s desired destination – the return to a rich, full life with a restored body image. This is achieved by continuous cooperation between patient and physician. We act as the medium, offering a centralized database, that aggregates objective breast cancer information on a single website.


1. to stimulate public awareness and to provide information so that patients can make informed decisions around surgical breast reconstruction and non-surgical methods of improving their appearance during and immediately after the oncological treatments of breast cancer.

We want to encourage and reinforce the belief that a beautiful life is possible after breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, with or without reconstruction. The crucial tool to obtain this goal is creating a medium (website) for (para-)medical information around the different aspects and choices in breast cancer diagnosis and treatment(oncological information), and specifics around ablative and (optional) reconstructive surgery.

Other tools can be, but are not limited to, publicity/advertisement in conventional media (TV, radio, newspaper, magazines), representation at public events, meetings or conferences and mailings (email or conventional). Important for all these tools is that a “positive” feeling should dominate. It’s a ‘feel-good’ experience where hope is the key message.

2. to financially support teaching and education in the field of reconstructive surgery.
This may include, but is not limited to:

A) providing scholarships to young surgeons to travel and visit renowned centers specialized in reconstructive surgery

B) support renowned teachers to teach reconstructive surgery in areas where reconstructive surgery is under-developed

C) any tool that would support and encourage e-learning

3. to financially support research in the field of reconstructive surgery. This can include, but is not limited to financial support of a researcher, a specific research project or support of an institution involved in reconstructive surgery research.

4. to financially support the development of reconstructive surgery in developing countries.
This involves the topics on education mentioned in point 3 but also:

A) support of medical/surgical missions: travel, housing, medications, medical devices (f.e. implants, prostheses, epitheses, etc…)

B) acquisitions and transport of medical, surgical and anesthaesiology equipment to be donated to local clinics

C) financial support of local humanitarian projects: clinics, orphanages, schools, dispensaries, etc.

5. to support specific projects and events that help accomplish the goals above. The nature of these projects can be artistic, literary, religious, sportive, scientific (f.e. organizing scientific conferences) or of any other kind as long as they meet the moral standards of the Board members. Revenues from these projects are entirely donated to the “Beautiful After Breast Cancer” Foundation.