Opening Patient Lounge

Thursday 25 January 2018

In the presence of the family of Mrs Katrien Willems, a patient’s lounge was officially opened on Thursday January 25 at the department of Urology, Gynaecology and Plastic Surgery of UZ Gent. A ‘living room’, warmly decorated, where patients, away from the sometimes busy and cold hospital room, can go through the difficult aspects of their treatment with their treating phycisians and nurses. But also a ‘living room’ that offers patients and family members the opportunity to escape the clinical aspects of their stay in the hospital.

Mrs Katrien Willems, who first launched the idea of such a lounge, had started the realization of this project before she sadly passed away. Her family, together with the Beautiful After Breast Cancer foundation, provided the required funds for its finalization.

We are very grateful that we were able to contribute to this lovely project. Especially also because of your support, we can continue to be there for patients and their close environment, and support initiatives like this. A very warm Thank You