Thank you Jonathan & Ruben

They made it! And how!
These two great friends and ultrarunners, Jonathan Blondeel and Ruben Schoenmaekers, have finished the Marathon des Sables, the toughest race in the world, very recently, and raised the incredible amount of 12000 EUR to the benefit of our organization and (ex)breast cancer patients! 
We are beyond grateful for this amazing donation and for knowing these two great guys with a heart (and a physical condition) of gold!
Thank you so much Jonathan and Ruben for all your efforts and for putting a smile on so many faces right now! 
A warm thank you also to our proud partners Tietje and Majestic Tree Productions for supporting this campaign, and to Fashiongraphics for the graphic design and printing of the running outfits!
And last but not least, much love to all of you who have donated and supported our runners throughout their journey! You all rock big time!