Annette Porter



Annette Porter holds an MBA from Columbia University, and has over twenty years experience advising some of the world’s most successful companies on strategy and communications. Having counseled the likes of American Express, General Electric and Exxon on the art of creating crystal clear, compelling messages, Annette went on to marry this experience with her love of photography and film-making by establishing a film production company in London.

Annette joins the board of Beautiful After Breast Cancer as a two-time breast cancer survivor. Her first diagnosis came at the age of 31. After completing a treatment regime of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, she joined the Expedition Inspiration – a team of cancer survivors who climbed Aconcagua. The subject of a PBS documentary, the climb raised over $ 2.5 million for the Breast Cancer Fund and spawned a series of fund raising events for breast cancer research called Take a Hike. Eighteen years after her first diagnosis, a yearly check-up revealed another tumour, which she chose to treat with a mastectomy and a DIEP flap reconstruction.


Relishing her most recent “all clear”, Annette is a frequent public speaker and advocate for raising awareness, hope and funds.



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